55L/D Commercial dehumidifier Europe dehumidifier for basment FDH-255BS

Short Description:

Compressor type dehumidifier with portable handle and strong wheels,suitbale for home, commercial, construction or any places that need to reduce humidity.

This dehumidifier is popular in Europe market with R290 refrigerant gas, and already verified with CE, GS certifications.

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Model No. FDH-255BS
Voltage AC110-220V/50-60HZ
Dehumidifying capacity 55L/D(80%RH,30℃)
Air volume 350m3/h
Rated power 850W
Refrigerant R290/R410A/R407C
Work temperature 5-38℃
Model Dimension 420x560x830mm
Weight 31kgs
Container loading quantity 20FT-192PCS / 40HQ-480PCS

Key Features:

1.Design with strong wheels and portable handle, easy to move around.

2. LCD display, be able to set humidity 30-80% RH, display will show the running time, could also adjust low and high wind speed.

3. Imported famous Brand revolving compressor with low noise and high efficiency.

4. 6Liters built-in water tank with water tank full indicator.

5. Temperature self-defrosting function, fast and efficiency.

6. Power-off memory function, could remember the settings before power failure.

7. Fault error code showing, easy to know the malfunctions.

8. Metal casing with anti-corrosion coating.

9. We can customize the machien color.

10. R290 environmental-friendly refrigerant gas.


FDH-255BS uses advanced technology to dehumidify quickly and effectively. With a dehumidification capacity of 55 L/Day, it can handle larger rooms and more humidity. The dehumidifier is also equipped with a convenient push handle so you can easily move it anywhere.

The operation of the dehumidifier is very quiet and will not affect your normal life and work. At the same time, it is also very power-saving, so you don't have to worry about high electricity bills.

The dehumidifier also comes with an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to adjust the humidity setting as needed. This makes dehumidifiers ideal for use in homes, offices, garages, basements, and more.

All in all, this hand push dehumidifier is an efficient, convenient, quiet, power-saving and easy-to-use product, which can help you solve the humidity problem easily.

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