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√ Dehumidify quickly, suitable for low temperature and humidity process.
√ Silica gel desiccant wheel, chain-driven.
√ Aluminum frame.
√ Inner insulation box, energy-saving
√ Efficient centrifugal fans.
√ Thermal regeneration by electric heating pipe and stainless steel fins, thermal generation by vapor heating exchanger and copper tube aluminum fins.
√ Safe and convenient electric control.

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1.Airfiow above 4000 without process fan, users optional.

2.If react heating type select steam, P=0.4MPa.

3. Larger airflow can be customized.

4.Energy-saving configurable can be optional, shall request when ordering.

Working principle and technique


The core component of desiccant rotor dehumidifier is a desiccant rotor, which is running 8-16 circles per hour and cover densely with honeycomb holes. There are high-performance silicon fuorine rubbers on both sides of the rotor, divide the entire surface into two parts,270° process area and 90° reactivation area. When moist air enter into the process area, moisture in the air will be adsorbeo by the desiccant rotor, and wet air turns into dry air. The dry air supply to the required occasion or production process by a procese fan.

With the increases of absorbed moisture during absorption process,the desiccant rotor loses moisture absorption capacity gradually. In order to keep and recover constant capacity, rotor should be reactivation the tending to saturated rotor turns into the reactivatior area by the drive motor slowly, the reactivation air heated to 100-140℃ enters into the reactivation area in the opposite direction of process air, and desorpt the moisture in the rotor and exhaust to outside by reactivation fan. By this way, the desiccant rotor restores moisture absorption capacity, and enters into the process area to absorb the moisture again under the drive of motor.

The desiccant rotor rotate constantly, dehumidification and reactivation conti uninterruptedly.

Application Field


Characteristics of Rotor Dehumidifier

1. Wide application scope.

Could process high temperature and humidity air, and also low temperature and humidity air thatrefrigeration dehumidifier could not reach.
2. Further dehumidification, meet the demands of processes.

Could get dry air whose dew point -60C, RH below 1%suitable for low temperature and humidityenvironment, as lithium battery.
3. Automatic control, Parameter stability.

Use text display, temperature and humidity probe to control temperature andhumidity.
4. Easy to maintain.

Computer-controlled, dew point of the outlet air can be adjusted. The capability is stable, and it'seasy to maintain.
5. Reliable quality and durability.

ISO9001:2008 approved.The silica gel desiccant wheel's surface compressive strength is morethan 200Kpa.lt is strong, and it can be used for a long time.
6. Green, environmental protection, energy saving.

Material of the wheel is ceramic fiber; the desiccant is super silica gel or molecularsieve, no environmental pollution. Energy-saving effect is obvious.

Rotor Performance Chart



Known: Process air temperature t1=20℃,relative humidity RH1=70%, unit dehumidification capacity d1=10.35g/kg, ask for the air condition after processing.

Solve: According to the chart, moisture of processing air outlet d2=4g/kg, rising temperature of processing air △t=22.3℃. Then temperature of processing air outlet t2=42.3℃ , from chart i-d,get to know processing air outlet RH=8%.
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