12000BTU Portable Industrial Air conditioner YDH-3500

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·These heavy-duty portable air conditioners designed for industrial or big opening area cooling,bring proven performance for trouble-free spot cooling.


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Model No. YDH-3500
Voltage AC100V~240V/50Hz~60Hz/1P
Cooling Capacity 12000Btu/h
Cold Air Volume 500m3/h
Rated Power Input 1.0KW
Cold Duct Hose 1 Piece
Refrigerant R290/R32/R410A
Work Temperature 18-45℃ (65-113°F)
Weight 55kg
Dimension 400*520*935mm



1. Design with universal wheels, easy to be moved to anywhere.

2. Two-speed fan and adjustable nozzles for versatile cooling comfort.

3. Rotary compressor to ensure refrigeration capacity.

4. Environmental friendly refrigerant, save energy.

5. Built-in big water tank, be able to remove conveniently.

6. All metal design to be stronger.

7. LCD controls and auto operation, easy and clear to operate, setting temperature freely.

8. Waterproof electrical parts, could be used for outdoor.

9. With movable and washable air filter.




In the hot summer, the body is prone to sweating and thirst, which makes people feel exhausted. At this time, a high-quality mobile air conditioner can bring you a cool and comfortable experience. YDH-3500 is one of the options.

YDH-3500 adopts advanced refrigeration technology, which can quickly cool down. Its mobility and portability allow you to move it to the room that needs to be cooled at will, and it is easy to operate, does not require complicated installation and maintenance, and only needs to be plugged in to use.

Not only indoors, YDH-3500 can also easily adapt to outdoor environments, providing cool air for your outdoor activities. For example, when camping or grilling outdoors, you can put the mobile air conditioner on the tent or terrace, so that you and your family and friends can enjoy a comfortable outdoor life.

YDH-3500 also has strong cooling capacity, which can quickly cool down, so that you can keep cool and comfortable in hot weather. Moreover, it has intelligent functions such as automatic temperature adjustment and automatic shutdown, which make your use more convenient and worry-free.

In a word, the 12000btu mobile air conditioner is not only suitable for indoor use, but also can bring coolness and comfort to your outdoor activities. If you need an air conditioner that can be used at home and taken out, then the 12000btu mobile air conditioner is the choice you cannot miss.

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