500Pints Industrial Greenhouse Dehumidifier DH-255A

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580Pints/276L Commercial dehumidify grow room grow tent dehumidifier greenhouse industrial dehumidifier plant growing

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Machine size
Circulation air volume
Fan type
Backward inclined centrifugal fan
Heat exchanger (two devices) form
High-efficiency copper tube sleeve aluminum fin
Filter level
Intermediate effect F7
Form of control
Digital display (86 control box)
Working environment
Power supply
Rated power
Dehumidification capacity

(30℃, 80%RH)
Drainage method
Straight row (inner wire G1/2 drain port)
machine weight
Application area


1. Adopt famous brand compressor.

2. Adopt high-quality internal thread copper pipe and high-efficiency hvdrophilic aluminum foil. With better dehumidification effect.

3. With the functions ofreal-time humidityt display, free setting and control.

4. With the functions of setting switching time. fault alarm and automaticprotection.

5. The machine can be connected with central air-conditioning air duct ofresh air duct. And the dehumidification effect is obvious and uniform.




If you need to control humidity in a large shed we recommend a ceiling dehumidifier for 255 pints a day.

DH-255A adopts efficient natural drainage technology, which can quickly reduce the humidity in the greenhouse to the ideal level. Here are the key features of this dehumidifier:

1. Efficient dehumidification capacity: The dehumidification capacity of this dehumidifier is as high as 255 pints per day, which can quickly reduce the humidity in the greenhouse and maintain an ideal level.

2. Suspended ceiling style: The dehumidifier adopts a suspended ceiling design, which is easy to install, takes up little space, and does not affect other activities in the greenhouse.

3. Automatic control: The dehumidifier can automatically adjust the humidity according to the humidity value you set to maintain the stability of the humidity in the greenhouse.

4. High efficiency and energy saving: The dehumidifier adopts energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

5. Safe and reliable: The dehumidifier is made of high-quality materials with excellent durability and safety performance.

Suspended ceiling natural drainage dehumidifier suitable for 255 pints a day, especially suitable for humidity control in large sheds in the US market. It can be used in plantations, orchards, agricultural facilities, industrial plants and more to help maintain air quality and environmental stability.

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