60000BTU Tent Air conditioner KC-60

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√ Super cooling capacity, rapid cooling.
√ High-efficiency air filtration keeps the environment fresh.
√ Adjustable fan speed and temperature for personalized comfort.
√ Durable and portable, suitable for various outdoor activities.



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Model No. KC-60
Voltage AC380V/50Hz/3P or AC460V/60Hz/3P
Cooling Capacity 60000Btu/h
Cold Air Volume 3500m3/h
Rated Power Input 7.0KW
Refrigerant R410A / R407C
Work Temperature 18-45 (65-113°F)
Indoor Noise 50dB
Outdoor Noise 60dB
Applicable Tent Area 30-45m2
Weight 230kg
Dimension 1380*1030*1250mm



1. Easy installing, just need connect the flexible duct to tent air conditioner and the tent,connect the power, then unit can start to work;

2. Easy transportation, have four wheels in the bottom, can be moved on the ground easily.

3. Rotary compressor to ensure refrigeration capacity.

4. Environmental friendly refrigerant, save energy.

5. With direct drainage, be able to drain water conveniently.

6. All metal design to be stronger.

7. Temperature control by LCD wire controller, with cooling, heating function.

8. Waterproof electrical parts, could be used for outdoor.




Tent air conditioner is a powerful cooling system specially designed for large tents and outdoor activities. It adopts advanced technology and innovative design, which can effectively reduce the temperature inside the tent and provide a comfortable environment.

This large tent air conditioner has a powerful cooling capacity, which can quickly reduce the temperature inside the tent and keep people away from the stuffy and uncomfortable atmosphere. It uses a highly efficient compression condensing cycle system that quickly absorbs heat and expels it away, ensuring that the tent interior remains cool at all times.

The air conditioning system is also equipped with an advanced air filter that can effectively purify the air, remove dust, pollen and other pollutants, and provide a clean indoor air quality. It also features adjustable fan speed and temperature controls, allowing users to adjust to their personal preferences and needs for optimum comfort.

In addition, large tent air conditioners are also durable and portable. It's made of durable materials that can withstand the outdoors. At the same time, it is also easy to carry and install, making it easy to use in various outdoor activities.

All in all, the large tent air conditioner is an impressive technological innovation that provides a comfortable environment for outdoor activities. Whether it is camping, field adventure or outdoor activities, it can bring people a cool and comfortable experience.

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