240L White color big movable industrial dehumidifier with wheels FDH-2400BC

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Big industrial dehumidifier, use compressor and refrigerant gas to do drying, with movable wheels and  centrifugal fan motors to blow out powerful drying air, suitable for factory, warehouse, workshop, basement or any places that need to reduce humidity.

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Model No. FDH-2400BC
Voltage AC220V-380V-460V/50-60HZ
Dehumidifying capacity 240L/D(80%RH,30℃)
Air volume 2600m3/h
Rated power 5KW
Refrigerant R410A/R407C
Work temperature 5-38℃
Model Dimension 780*390*1560mm
Weight 100kg


1. Industrial type dehumidifier with movable wheels.

2. Digital display, be able to set humidity 10-99% RH, could also adjust low and high wind speed, set timer hours.

3. Imported famous Brand revolving compressor with low noise and high efficiency.

4. Direct hose drainage.

5. Phase sequence protection , safe to use

6. Power-off memory function, could remember the settings before power failure.

7. Fault error code showing, easy to know the malfunctions.

8. Metal casing with anti-corrosion coating.

9. R410A/R407C environmental-friendly refrigerant ga 

10. Use big centrifugal fan motor to blow out powerful drying air.


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